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Wednesday, May 20, 2009


While I'm waiting on the go-ahead for the Hasbro commercial renders, I figure I'd churn up the silence with some further updates.

About two weeks ago I began an 'internship' (though, this more has an open-source/shareware vibe to it) at an indie game company, Forever Interactive.

I'm part of the environment modeling team (I'm listed in the 'Zone Team' under the 'Team' tab) and at the moment working on developing building exteriors.

We're just moving out of the pre-dev phase, with most of the concept work out of the way. The focus has been on ironing out scale, getting the game mechanics working and getting up to speed on the new Torque 3d engine.

It's been a pretty sweet, but crazy ride so far. It's a scrum-based development cycle with each of the teams spread out over the country (part in Chicago, part in Texas). We're working in Max, so that's been an interesting learning curve.
This all brings me back to my days working on making levels for Quake.
But definitely good times.
I'll post when I have some actual renders, though that might not be for a while.

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