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Thursday, April 05, 2007

lighthouse interior

[I'm still feeling out the idiosyncrasies of blogger, so please bear with me as I work towards a consistent presentation method.]

Now that I have the first floor of the Lighthouse set I've been exploring a few different textures and times of day.
As mentioned previously, I'd still like to weather a few more surfaces (introduce some cracks to the plaster, rough the
counter tops,etc.) but I've settled into the final look and feel for the piece.

I like the new wood texture on the door over the old, it's more vibrant and consistent with the coloration of the wood in that
section of the foyer. It also draws the eye through the scene in that particular shot. An advantage over the previous version
where that corner was somewhat murky because of the darker tones of the wood.

On a more technical side, I've introduced a number of additional photon sources to give me more flexibility with the
lighting scheme so that I can move forward with exploring different times of day.

I'm not entirely certain how day vs. night works in this partiuclar universe, but I'd really love to do a night scene.
And with that build out the atmospherics. Clouds and fog would be an interesting addition.
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