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Sunday, April 22, 2007

upload : more 2d material

I've finished editing and uploading the balance of my old 2d material.
These were all created as part a series of classes taken at the Illinois
Institute of Art - Chicago.

There are 6 entries:

firefly :: lunchbox animation, pencil studies of a firefly

storyboards ::
animatic created on lunchbox system, a series of 3 projects
for a storyboarding and animatics class (a scene from 'ghostworld,'
a scene from a documentary on unusual homes and a commercial for
an 'unsellable' product)

mechanical cycle ::
lunchbox animation, pencil, mechanical cycle of a fictitious
piece of equipment

dhara pencil tests - motion study ::
lunchbox animation; studies of an amphibious character,
'dhara' - motion study

dhara pencil tests - lip synch ::
lunchbox animation; studies of an amphibious character,
'dhara' - lip synch

'bad day' pencil test ::
lunchbox animation; my riff on a class assignment : given a
common character, situation and environment, develop a story.
here it was a rodent comes home, crosses a room, sets a bottle
on a table and goes to sit in a chair

1 comment:

rusty said...

hey Neil,

i didnt know you had a blog!
ahhh, yes pencil tests, those were the days! great work man!

keep it up man!