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Wednesday, October 29, 2008

WIP: animation/compositing project

This is another in a series of process-oriented projects I'm developing for the new demo reel.

This particular one started its life as a rotoscoping/match-moving animation project (the original animation can be found here). I decided to expand the scope to include compositing, lighting and texturing; although the primary focus is rendering the character and background separately and combining in post.

As this develops further, I'll be posting the other portions of the process.

Tuesday, October 21, 2008

process : virtual prototype : modeling and rendering (2)

process : virtual prototype : modeling and rendering (1)

process : virtual prototype : compositing

As I work back through my material I will be documenting the processes involved in creating the final product.

The first of these deals with the most recent post : compositing Maya render layers in Photoshop to produce the final virtual prototype.

freelance : virtual prototyping : final rendering

Renders from a virtual prototyping project I worked on at the beginning of this year.
The company I was working through was tasked with quickly turning around a line of concept cookware that could be run through test marketing focus groups around the country.