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Monday, September 28, 2009

WIP : ZBrush sculpting

Now that the textures are coming together for the Orphanage, I've been spending some time lately on a bit of hard-surface sculpting in preparation for the normal maps.

The concrete is the current WIP, but I'm generally satisfied at its progress.

Thursday, September 17, 2009

WIP : Orphanage textures

This is a *very* preliminary render of three of the textures being utilized for the Orphanage. Just broad strokes here at the moment since they constitute a significant fraction of the model's surface.

Two of these (the facade and the concrete base) are tileable textures, so some additional considerations were required.
Preliminary touch-up work was done in Photoshop (cropping, balancing levels across the swatch, removing defects and mixing with additional source textures).
Tileable textures were then produced in Texture Maker and preliminary diffuse and bump maps were generated in Crazybump.

Thursday, September 10, 2009

gray box model (3) : Arena/HQ

Situated in the lower area of the New Haven game map (along with the Sanitarium), the Arena and HQ exists in a vast network of caves and tunnels.

As with the Marketplace, I developed a 3DS Max model based off the level map and scaled to the design document specs.

The attached image documents this process.

gray box model (2) : Sanitarium

Here, I was given some latitude in creating this area as no definitive level map was available at the time. The design document gave an overall look and feel to this section and I based my gray models from that.

gray box model (1) : Marketplace

My first assignments were to produce gray box models for several areas on the game map : The Marketplace, The Sanitarium, The Courthouse and The Arena/HQ

This first post summarizes the work for The Marketplace.

update : web site

Some minor updates to the portfolio site, including my latest resume, bio and works in progress.

Wednesday, September 09, 2009

WIP : Orphanage model (2)

Working off of Beu's concept art and turnarounds I developed the following model of the Orphanage.
Because of the size of the structure, it was broken down into several segments which will be imported separately into the Torque game engine.

The meshes shown represent a final tri count of just under 19,000.

WIP : Orphanage model

Work is continuing on the project over at Forever Interactive for the newly-retitled Aeon of Entropy.

I'm finally ready to begin posting my progress on my first cohesive modeling project for the game.

The Orphanage figures prominently into the back story and will be one of the featured playable areas in the forthcoming demo release.

The first post will detail the excellent concept work by my fellow team member Beau Brokop and the the interior level design I did based off of his turnarounds and information from the game design document.