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Thursday, September 13, 2012

Battle Gnomes :: final renders vs concepts

Two examples of how the final assets compare to the original concept art.

Battle Gnomes is a magic-infused steampunk game for the Ouya and mobile platforms under development by EverFire Studios.
With a stylized, lo-fi art style, the game evokes a retro feel while still maintaining the dynamics of modern gameplay.
The system is currently in open alpha with a beta version expected by the end of January, 2013.
Final release will coincide with the launch of the Ouya console by April, 2013.

Battle Gnomes :: Train Cars

Train car asset for the control-the-relic style level of the new Battle Gnomes release for Ouya.

Modeling, UV unwrapping and texture creation, Neil Schnepf
Presentation Design, Neil Schnepf
Based off of concepts by Mirsha De Los Barrios
Base textures created by Ryan Martinez