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Wednesday, November 25, 2009

WIP : Orphanage texture

I'm in the process of re-compiling my demo reel and I've been going back over some old projects and adding some final touches.

I'm still considering this as a WIP since the game AoE has been placed on hiatus in favor of Visions of Zosomos. Once I get the final approval on the state of the Orphanage I'll move this into the finalized category. For now, I'll continue to adjust here and there, but for all intents and purposes it's a finished work.

This render has nearly all of the normal maps included in this pass and I've gone back and adjusted the texture on the window bars.
To enhance depth and sell the reality of the windows I've baked in the ambient occlusion contribution and added a customized reflectivity shader to the texture.
If you observe the windows in shadow, you'll notice that the texture does not get uniformly darker, but behaves a little more like a partially-reflective surface.

Friday, November 20, 2009

WIP : Forest of Decay

This is a large tree being created as an environment asset for the Visions of Zosomos game under development at Forever Interactive.

The above rendered turnaround of the tree shows bump, normal and diffuse maps.
Pictures of Mormon Tea were used as the basis of the foliage.
Small branches and leaf textures (and associated alpha maps) were created in Photoshop.

The tree bark texture was taken from reference photos and made tileable through Texture Maker.
Bump map was generated through Texture Maker and adjusted in Photoshop.

Sculpting of the hi-res model that served as the basis of the normal map was done in ZBrush 3.0

Concept art and find low-poly model comparison.