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About Me

A front-end developer, designer and photographer currently residing in Seattle.

In June of 2018, I graduated from the University of Washington's PCE certificate program in Front-End Development with new skills in my pursuit of creating accessible and engaging user experiences. 
As a student at UW, I used design best practices to develop clean, responsive sites for a public energy consortium, a non-profit archery education center, and an ecommerce application

In June of 2014, I co-founded Table Flip Board Games, an indie collective dedicated to developing fun and innovative analog games.

Starting in January 2014, I began assisting with development of the Alpha release of Visions of Zosimos, Forever Interactive's flagship MMORPG and collectible card game. Prior to that I was a designer and Environment Artist on several mobile game titles, including Battle Gnomes and Cyber Solstice.

I have a broad experience as both an Environment and contract digital artist with a background in game art and design, print and broadcast media, compositing, digital prototyping and motion graphics.

Proficient in HTML, CSS and Sass with strong competencies in JavaScript, Vue.js and Bootstrap. Adept designer in Adobe Photoshop and Illustrator. Extensive experience in Agile methodologies and version control. 

Specialties: UI/UX design; front-end development; game design

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