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Friday, June 13, 2014

Soft Release :: Last Stand, co-op survival board game!

Good news, everyone!
We at Table Flip Board Games are happy to announce that as of June 11th, we've finished our first title, Last Stand, and have started a limited production run through The Game Crafter online site.

We have a minimal but growing entry over at Board Game Geek, so keep checking us out for future updates!

Last Stand is a cooperative survival simulation. Players will find themselves in a massive city with dwindling resources that is slowly being overrun with Infected. During the day, players can explore and take actions. They will have many opportunities to build bases, get supplies, assign survivors, fight and make use of special abilities. When Night falls, the Infected roam, but they are not the only threat. Starvation, sickness and the loss of humanity are a few of the other dangers that await.