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Tuesday, December 04, 2012

Misc Render (WIP) :: Battle Gnomes Showcase revisited

With the holidays and current workload I've been a little sparse in my updates lately.

On the EverFire side, Battle Gnomes is proceeding well and we're still on track for a first quarter 2013 release.

With a little downtime over the holiday break I put together a few casual renders of a prior scene that I'd utilized for showcasing several assets from BG.

Battle Gnomes exists in a steampunk world of magic and technology.
The assets (gears, motor, lever and pipes) were designed with that in mind, so the original elements have a stylized nature to them.
The game's artistic guidelines require a specific 2D look (as can be seen in the original post, here).

This particular re-texture/re-render updates the assets with a more realistic look and grounds them in a scene which attempts to bring together the somewhat disparate elements.
Two different groups of renders are presented.
The first 3 are from an afternoon setting, the machinery still in the process of being assembled.
The last is from an early evening perspective, after the factory is operational.

Battle Gnomes is a magic-infused steampunk game for the Ouya and mobile platforms under development by EverFire Studios.
With a stylized, lo-fi art style, the game evokes a retro feel while still maintaining the dynamics of modern gameplay.
The system is currently in open alpha with a beta version expected by the end of January, 2013.
Final release will coincide with the launch of the Ouya console by April, 2013.