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Wednesday, July 24, 2013

Cyber Solstice, renders

Inevitably, when I have a few free moments, I also like to showcase artistic renders of some of the designs from the current project.

Here, we see a fly through of the tunnels as well as a concept of the mission-briefing center.

[WIP] Cyber Solstice, tunnel [updated]

One of the components of the level design that are critical for developing the characteristic feel of the quick, think-on-your-feet (or glider wing) visual puzzles, is the intra-level tunnel.

In story terms, they serve as access ways and maintenance tunnels, offering the chance at a quick route through the level, but fraught with their own brand of challenges and enemies.

As always, I take a modular approach to asset design, attempting to maximize the utility of implementation with the minimum number of unique assets.

The tunnels segments can added end to end to form long seamless tunnels or broken up with couplers.
4- and 6-way junctions hook in easily using the same joining components, allowing for simple routing through the level.

Cyber Solstice, completed props and vehicles

After initially developing the level design for the first phase of the mission, I've been alternating between concept-ing, whiteboxing and asset creation.

Presented below are some of the completed pieces for the Cyber Zone phase.

[UPDATE] Cyber Solstice

Made it through E3, got the word out about Cyber Solstice and EverFire Studios.
Our CEO, Emil Harmsen manned our times at the Ouya booth and distributed some of the promotional material I created.

Now, after a short summer vacation, we're back at it again, grinding away towards the next milestone in October and getting familiar with the console now that we finally have ours in hand.

I have a bit of a backlog of material to showcase, so I'll be rolling those out in the next few updates.

As always, check out the Cyber Solstice page for more info about the game and the studio.