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Saturday, February 22, 2014

bridge sculpt

Just a quick showcase of what I've been working on.

Comparison illustrating the base low-poly mesh and resulting rendered version utilizing a normal map based off of the high-poly zBrush sculpt.

With diffuse and spec maps added (three slightly different looks)

Friday, February 14, 2014

forever Forever Interactive

A little silent on my front here, but things have been busy!

EverFire, the division of Forever Interactive that I've been freelancing for has temporarily suspended operations on existing titles so that we can focus on getting the flagship project, Visions of Zosimos into a playable alpha state.

So, after a bit of a holiday vacation at the end of the year, I've been working hard to get re-integrated with the production pipeline and start working on environment assets.

This is a bit of a homecoming for me, since I was there for the early dev cycle of VoZ before I shifted over to the mobile game division.

It's great to be back and looking forward to showing off what we've been working on!