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Tuesday, March 31, 2015

Black Hands of Hathoway ... coming soon!

We've been working with the good folks at Panda Game Manufacturing to assemble a quote for a full-scale production run of our card game, The Black Hands of Hathoway.

The details are still in the process of being finalized (and I'll have to adjust some of the artwork to meet the new spec's) but we're gearing up for an exciting new phase at Table Flip!

Once we set up production, we'll begin bringing the word to the masses! :)

Keep an eye out for more updates and check us out on Twitter!

Saturday, March 28, 2015

Portfolio site relaunch!

A new day is dawning over at 25HD, my onlione portfolio site.

I've revamped the site with an all new design and included some new content for Catastrophe, a game I've been designing for Table Flip.

Check it out!

Saturday, March 07, 2015

UPDATE: a lot going on behind the scenes!

Been a busy couple of months!

Table Flip Board Games has been gathering strength, investigating our routes to bringing our completed titles to a wider audience. Developing a fully-fledged social media campaign takes some time and effort, so we're doing our homework and trying our best to set ourselves up for success. We realize nothing is ever a sure thing, especially in crowdsourced fundraising, but we're trying to take to heart all of the great information out there.

We've also been dev-ing a new game and we're getting close to a finalized version. At this point though, we'll be shifting our focus to work on our marketing and will return in full force a little later in the year.

For myself, I've been getting involved with a new game dev collective here in Seattle. It's just getting off the ground, so no concrete news at this point... except keep an eye on !