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Wednesday, September 16, 2015

September UPDATE 2

Two updates in one month?! Who would have thought?

But I'm  happy to report another milestone on Twitter for Table Flip Board Games! 200 followers!
It's not a lot, but it is for us, just a small collection of artists, designers and game enthusiasts.

Thanks again to everyone for all of your wonderful support!
Just a couple of months away now from our first release!

We should have our first prototypes from Panda in a couple of weeks. Really excited to see the new professional packaging and printing. We've come a long with in just a year's time.
Looking forward to some new game dev as well in the coming months.

On the personal front, I'm continuing to learn C# and Unity for the mobile version of Black Hands.
Glad that Fall's finally here too. It's been a seemingly endless Summer here in Seattle.

Tuesday, September 01, 2015

September UPDATE: new box art

We won't have the proofs back from Panda for a while yet, but here's a quick taste of my new box design for Black Hands!