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Wednesday, September 16, 2015

September UPDATE 2

Two updates in one month?! Who would have thought?

But I'm  happy to report another milestone on Twitter for Table Flip Board Games! 200 followers!
It's not a lot, but it is for us, just a small collection of artists, designers and game enthusiasts.

Thanks again to everyone for all of your wonderful support!
Just a couple of months away now from our first release!

We should have our first prototypes from Panda in a couple of weeks. Really excited to see the new professional packaging and printing. We've come a long with in just a year's time.
Looking forward to some new game dev as well in the coming months.

On the personal front, I'm continuing to learn C# and Unity for the mobile version of Black Hands.
Glad that Fall's finally here too. It's been a seemingly endless Summer here in Seattle.

Tuesday, September 01, 2015

September UPDATE: new box art

We won't have the proofs back from Panda for a while yet, but here's a quick taste of my new box design for Black Hands!

Sunday, August 23, 2015

August Update

It's the summer (at least for another month!), so updates have slipped a little further back each month.

Discussions with Panda have taken far longer than initially expected. What we'd thought would be a simple issue regarding the size of the packaging has turned into a fairly extensive delay.
Hopefully, we'll be able to resolve this early next week in a Skype call.
Once we've nailed down the dimensions of the box (the initial quote was for a single-deck width box),
it should only take us a couple of days to to finalize the art since everything else has been prepped and uploaded to Panda.
So, keep your fingers crossed! We're in the home stretch.

Our Twitter audience has been steadily growing and we've almost reached 200 followers.
So, once we get Black Hands out there, we'll have a good group of interested and supportive people to get the word out too.

On the personal front, more C#. Having a great time even with only being able to sneak in just a few hours every day.

Hopefully, more info to report soon!

Thursday, July 16, 2015

July Update: Black Hands v2.0 and App

The artwork for the final rev of Black Hands before publishing is pretty much complete.
A few details about box size still need to hashed out with Panda, but adjusting the art will be trivial to accommodate.
We're slowly going through the rule book, adding back material that we had to lose in order to meet the restrictions of our Game Crafters prototype. We really hated not being able to include the Popp brothers' awesome illustrations in that version. But...they'll back with this one!

While this is all coming together, I've been mocking up a GUI for the mobile version of Black Hands.
I had a few minor concerns about translating this to an app, but I think we can still maintain the unique experience of the game.

Slowly growing our social media presence.
Next will be physically getting out there and demo-ing the game once we get the first proof copies.

A lot coming together!
More info to post soon.

Tuesday, June 09, 2015

Monthly Update :: Panda, Black Hands

Was a little sick there after the last update, so news here has been a bit sparse.

On the Table Flip side, we're getting further along with production on Black Hands!
After speaking with Panda rep's we've gotten a hold of the art templates and will be reformatting for the new designs.
Even with a quick return on our part, the finished products won't be back for many weeks, so it's starting to look like a late summer release for Black Hands.
I've been slowly building our following on Twitter  and we're looking to roll out some copies to reviewers once we get the first of the new prototypes. After that, more time spent demo-ing locally and hopefully some manner of  crowdfunding campaign.

On the personal side, I've been sharpening my skills, C#-ening in fact, as we contemplate an app version of Black Hands.
The weather here in Seattle has been a bit distracting! So much sun. But I've been managing to keep my nose to the computer!

Tonight, IGDA Seattle Indies monthly meet up!

Sunday, May 03, 2015

A little bit of waiting. A little bit of tinkering.

On the Table Flip side of things, we're still waiting for our production quotes to come in for Black Hands. In the meantime, we've been trying to spin up our social network and prep to get some demo exposure at local events and venues. Something about the warmer weather that just says: games!

And...because we just can't stop designing, we've been using this down time to experiment with an expansion for Black Hands that we think is a fun and exciting little addition to the game.

More play testing this week, so I'll update soon!

Tuesday, April 07, 2015

(minor) Update

A little under the weather, but I've been making a few adjustments here and there to my new portfolio site.

On the Table Flip side of things, we're still waiting on the production quote from Panda, so no new updates on Black Hands. Hopefully, something soon!

Tuesday, March 31, 2015

Black Hands of Hathoway ... coming soon!

We've been working with the good folks at Panda Game Manufacturing to assemble a quote for a full-scale production run of our card game, The Black Hands of Hathoway.

The details are still in the process of being finalized (and I'll have to adjust some of the artwork to meet the new spec's) but we're gearing up for an exciting new phase at Table Flip!

Once we set up production, we'll begin bringing the word to the masses! :)

Keep an eye out for more updates and check us out on Twitter!

Saturday, March 28, 2015

Portfolio site relaunch!

A new day is dawning over at 25HD, my onlione portfolio site.

I've revamped the site with an all new design and included some new content for Catastrophe, a game I've been designing for Table Flip.

Check it out!

Saturday, March 07, 2015

UPDATE: a lot going on behind the scenes!

Been a busy couple of months!

Table Flip Board Games has been gathering strength, investigating our routes to bringing our completed titles to a wider audience. Developing a fully-fledged social media campaign takes some time and effort, so we're doing our homework and trying our best to set ourselves up for success. We realize nothing is ever a sure thing, especially in crowdsourced fundraising, but we're trying to take to heart all of the great information out there.

We've also been dev-ing a new game and we're getting close to a finalized version. At this point though, we'll be shifting our focus to work on our marketing and will return in full force a little later in the year.

For myself, I've been getting involved with a new game dev collective here in Seattle. It's just getting off the ground, so no concrete news at this point... except keep an eye on !

Thursday, January 15, 2015

Minor update to webfolio site

Some small adjustments to the resume section of my webfolio site.

Into the New Year

Catching up on a little rest after the holidays, but  still going strong with development on a new mini-box game for Table Flip.

Table Flip is also continuing to explore options for publishing our existing titles, including a new crowd-funding option that will become available at The Game Crafter site this Spring.

Building momentum and exposure is the key, so we're putting together plans to get these games out there into the hands of people to play and review them!