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Sunday, August 23, 2015

August Update

It's the summer (at least for another month!), so updates have slipped a little further back each month.

Discussions with Panda have taken far longer than initially expected. What we'd thought would be a simple issue regarding the size of the packaging has turned into a fairly extensive delay.
Hopefully, we'll be able to resolve this early next week in a Skype call.
Once we've nailed down the dimensions of the box (the initial quote was for a single-deck width box),
it should only take us a couple of days to to finalize the art since everything else has been prepped and uploaded to Panda.
So, keep your fingers crossed! We're in the home stretch.

Our Twitter audience has been steadily growing and we've almost reached 200 followers.
So, once we get Black Hands out there, we'll have a good group of interested and supportive people to get the word out too.

On the personal front, more C#. Having a great time even with only being able to sneak in just a few hours every day.

Hopefully, more info to report soon!