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Tuesday, June 09, 2015

Monthly Update :: Panda, Black Hands

Was a little sick there after the last update, so news here has been a bit sparse.

On the Table Flip side, we're getting further along with production on Black Hands!
After speaking with Panda rep's we've gotten a hold of the art templates and will be reformatting for the new designs.
Even with a quick return on our part, the finished products won't be back for many weeks, so it's starting to look like a late summer release for Black Hands.
I've been slowly building our following on Twitter  and we're looking to roll out some copies to reviewers once we get the first of the new prototypes. After that, more time spent demo-ing locally and hopefully some manner of  crowdfunding campaign.

On the personal side, I've been sharpening my skills, C#-ening in fact, as we contemplate an app version of Black Hands.
The weather here in Seattle has been a bit distracting! So much sun. But I've been managing to keep my nose to the computer!

Tonight, IGDA Seattle Indies monthly meet up!